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DRAIN OF IMPURITY is formed in 2000 as a side-project of Batu Cetin the vocalist of a cult death metal band CENOTAPH. The goal of Batu is to make music that differs from what he performs with his main band. The project is created when Batu lives in Austria and on the two cassette splits with Cranitripsy and Stench of Necropsy he records all instruments and vocals in his own home studio. Later, on the next EP Sordid Acts of Torture guitars are recoded by his brother Bashar Cetin. Upon the release of this EP Batu puts freeze on the project for 10 years in favor of CENOTAPH. In 2010 he unfreezes DRAIN OF IMPURITY and starts recording new, more slamming material with some gore grind elements. Next two EPs and a full-length album titled Human Anatomy are released by Sevared Records (USA), and later re-released by a local Turkish underground label Extreminal Productions. In 2015 Batu decides to record a new concept-based album titled Into the Cold Crypts of Dead Planet, dedicated to the grim realias of the future life of humanity in the hostile world of a newly-explored space. This full-length album is recorded in Ankara (Turkey) and released the same year by More Hate Productions. Exterrestrial artwork of the album is created by maestro Artur Ryabov (ART OF GORE ILLUSTRATIONS). The new album The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus System was released in the beginning of 2016 by More Hate Prod. with distribution via Fono LTD. In 2018 Batu completes work on his new album titled Perdition out the Orbit. The album recorded, mixed and mastered at Deadhouse Studio (Ankara) during the summer of 2018 is released in CD format in autumn of the same year. Artwork by Sidjimbe Art (Indonesia)!

Line up:

  • Batu Cetin all instruments, music, lyric and vocals.

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