Nefas band

Based in Podolsk, Russia, Nefas Terra play a blend of traditional melodic black metal with elements of death metal and utilize such genre mainstays as growled and screamed vocals, blast beats and tremolo picking. Their work has no specific religious connotations nor political agenda. The subjects of their songs mainly deal with the extremes of human behavior and psychology. The musicians behind Nefas Terra consider black metal primarily in terms of art, rather than the establishment of ideology, anti-Christianity, Stanism or national socialism.

The band has always consisted of two members: ChaD (guitar, growls, lyrics) and Klem (bass, screams, musical composition). At various times throughout the band's history the group has employed session musicians for recording or live performances. In 2013 the drummer Hoi joined the band. Nefas Terra was founded 2005, but as a live band lasted only a single year. During this period they played a small number of gigs around the Moscow region. In 2010 a reunion took place and the album "Life in Darkness" was recorded.

Line up:

  • ChaD Ц Guitars, Growling, Lyrics
  • Klem Ц Bass, Screaming, Music
  • Hoi Ц Drums

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