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Anüs was formed in 2015 in Lund, Sweden during a hard drinking weekend where they decided to create a new band. A band combining the aggression from grind with the moshing parts of slam in a goregrind format. Within the first year they played Czech Republic twice earning them a regular spot on Antitrend Festival playing there every year since the inception. With a fanbase growing stronger they expand their horizons to new extremes. At the end of 2016 they part ways with the bassplayer Father Analius at the same time recruiting Papa Perineum to fill the void. 2018 is the year Anüs sings a deal with More Hate Productions to release their first album The Constipation Conspiracy. The future holds no boundaries this band wont transcend in order to spread this audial sickness. The audial sewage of Anüs is here to stay.

Line up:

  • Anus Kristus Ц Vocals;
  • Dj Röv Ц guitars;
  • Edgar Anal Poo Ц drums;
  • Papa Perineum Ц bass.

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