The band ARCANUM SANCTUM is born on the 10th of October 2004 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur by guitarist Vadim Sad Nalivaiko and vocalist Alexander Marius Maltzev as a melodic-death project. In winter of the same year Marius leaves the band in order to form a sympho-black metal project REQUIEM AETERNAM. ARCANUM SANCTUM recruits Kirill Kirk Kulinitchev (an old friend and former band mate of Sad) as a bassist and vocalist. By the summer of 2005 the band records Ignis Fatuus (demo), the release of which is undertaken by the Ukrainian label De Profundis prod. Two songs from this demo are included in underground metal compilations Chern #3 (De Profundis prod.) ? Zlorechie #1 (De Profundis prod.). Due to the carelessness of the label, the track-list on the cover of Zlorechie #1 compilation doesnt correspond to the actual succession of bands on the disk. Afterwards ARCANUM SANCTUM breaks with this lacking in conscientiousness label. The further fate of this demo is unknown. Meanwhile, the drummer Vyacheslav Skaarikh Vasilenko (REQUIEM AETERNAM) joins the band, which starts performing at local festivals along with composing new material. In the autumn of 2006 Kirk leaves ARCANUM SANCTUM on private reasons. By the instrumentality of Anatoly Kobylin (FORGOT) the band begins the recording of Fidus Achates album, which is dragged out almost for three years. Due to the trial-and-error method the band records the material after the third try. The first try reveals the unsuitability of Skaarikh for drumming in ARCANUM SANCTUM. He is dismissed (now drumming in FORGOT and EVILWINGED). The line-up of the third record-session is:

  • Vadim Sad Nalivaiko vocals/guitars
  • Viktor Reshetnikov drums
  • Anatoly Kobylin bass

As the recording of the album is in progress, Anatoly, who has already joined the band by the moment, begins impeding the process. During the mixing of the album things come up to absurdity. As the result, Sad breaks with Anatoly, who later impudently provides the unmixed material along with Ignis Fatuus demo (which is not his business at all) for downloading in the Internet. Recorded material is sent to Moscow for mixing and mastering at Navaho Hut studio. ARCANUM SANCTUM signs a release deal for the album, finished in January of 2009, with MORE HATE PROD. The material presented on Fidus Achates and composed generally by Sad with assistance of Kirk, is a mixture of melodic death and thrash metal. The band keeps on working in this direction.

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