Sarin band

Sarin Attack is a Finnish grind core band that was founded in Vaasa in the beginning of 2017 by three members from two local death metal bands Ligature Wound and Pimeydentuoja. They all felt that they wanted to start a new band to be able to build further on their common interest towards the scandinavian old school death metal sound, but to musically go in for a more simplified approach in their musical expression. And the common interest for playing grindcore mixed with a death metal sound was soon settled to be the musical base for a new band. The name Sarin Attack was picked to describe the way the music was supposed to sound. Like an inhumane slow and agonising death in the wake of a blistering explosion of a chemical weapon assault that leaves it is victims lying on the ground in tremendous pain, not knowing what hit them. The music was aimed to work as intense audial assaults of pure and ruthless violence in the form of short and brutal bursts of angry grindcore with some occasional crust and hardcore-style bits to leave some brief passages for the listener to catch some breath.

Line up:

  • Jari Isohella - drums;
  • Janne Lakonen - guitars;
  • Petri Suomilammi – bass;
  • Sami Risku - vocals.

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