MYSTERICON is formed in Ufa back in 2017 by Oleg Stalker (guitar) and Aletheia (keys). In May 2017 the band participates in Iron Underground festival and is recognized as the best band by much of the audience. Hereinafter MYSTERICON plays numerous rock festivals. In 2019 the band records two EPs: Na Svet Beskonechnosti (Into the Light of Infinity) and Ruini Mechti (The Ruins of Hope). In the end of 2020 MYSTERICON releases Mertviy List (Dead Leave) via Metalism Records. The band becomes known in Russia. The song Polet Za Mechtoy (Flight After Your Dream) a cover version of Polyot (The Flight) by Evgeny Krylatov an instrumental soundtrack for Gostya Is Budushego (Guest From the Future) movie, receives astonishing positive feedback from both listeners and critics. In its music MYSTERICON combines tough guitar riffs, dark lyricism of keys and melodic vocal lines. The lyrics filled with gloomy romance explore loneliness, inherent attitude to life, dreams and frustration the real human feelings experienced by every person. The oppressive atmosphere of the beauty of dark harmony and highly expressive male and female vocals will not leave anyone indifferent. All music by Oleg Malikov and Alyona Malikova. Lyrics by Oleg Malikov.

Line up:

  • Stalker guitars, bass;
  • Aletheia keyboards;
  • Pavel Globus lead guitars;
  • Ivan Filippov drums;
  • Aleksandra Satarova vocals;
  • Darya Trishina (Nevskaya) extreme vocals;
  • Dmitriy Tangriev vocals;
  • Dmitriy Botnar vocals;
  • Ariadna Krul vocals;
  • Victoriel "Filth" back vocals.

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