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In the early 2014 twostarry-eyed guys from a small town of Glazov (the Udmurt Republic of Russia) cherish a dream of making good music. It takes them one year to find a suitable genre at the early stages it is rather old-fashioned generic deathcore. But later they discover THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA a mathcore band from the USA and decide to go the same direction. In 2015SMILEAVELOCIRAPTORrelease their first track "Subsidious Chaos", a kind of their musical debut. This warmly welcomed debut is soon followed by "In The Coma" EP composed in the state of obsession induced by euphoria of absolute happiness. The full-length album of the band is self-released in 2016. The second full-length album titled ViolenceRaptor is recorded and officially released by MoreHateProductions in 2018. According to the duo their music roots from their friendship. Two best friends united by a common dream, aiming towards a common goal with a common idea and motivation. The music of SMILEAVELOCIRAPTOR consists of thick instrumentals composed by passionate Artem Shirman and painful lyrics based on personal experience of Roman Rainer. Now it is finally available in CD format.

Line up:

  • Roman Rainer - vocals;
  • Artem Shirman - guitars.

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