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The project with a mysterious name SIGNIST is formed in August of 2004 in Tomsk by two musicians, the members of ABORTARIUM, NAMELESS and STARIY SKLEP. In order to preserve the established creative balance the musicians decide to remain a duo: Axalcathu - vocals, drums, keys; Ixaxaar - guitar, bass, vocals. Due to the lack of spare time the music making process is often interrupted by long breaks and difficulties. The composing of new material begins in the middle of 2004 and in the end of 2005 the duo enters Studio AV (Tomsk) to record "Of Worlds Endtimely Enshadowed". The album is recorded and mixed by Viktor Makhov Ц the sound engineer (Studio AV) who has worked with PHENOMENON, SAVAN, VIWARIUM, ILLUSORY and other bands. The general atmosphere of the CD can be described as УdespairФ. A despair spawning fury and leading to death; a despair dispassionately watching the revival of Chaos. This atmosphere is caused by extremely severe frost which took place in Tomsk in winter of 2005. Following some changes in the life of SIGNIST the album is put on the shelf and the project is frozen for a long time. Only in 2016 the album is released by four labels at once: More Hate Prod., Narcoleptica Prod., Darknagar Records, Dark Front Productions. Now the band is working on new material for the second album.

Line up:

  • Axalcathu Ч vocals, drums, keyboards;
  • Ixaxaar Ч vocals, guitars, bass.

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