CHYSTA KRYNYCYA was formed back in 2000 in Kharkov (Ukraine). About ten musicians have contributed to CHYSTA KRYNYCYA on different stages of bands existence. The originators of the band make up the core line-up:

  • Ruslan Krynycya (drums, vocals)
  • Vladimir Galayda (guitars)
  • Hræsvelgr (keys)

The band has often experienced changes of other band members. The main idea of the music of CHYSTA KRYNYCYA is the revival of the culture of Our Ancestors! The name "CHYSTA KRYNYCYA" (Pure water well) has a profound yet obvious meaning: the womb the cradle of creation. The being would be impossible without a womb as the seed would be sowed in vain ... We are more than just a band We are the chosen society united under the same idea and thoughts and having the same objectives, as a team of the unbroken, We are the one. Our music is the pure water from the well, enriched with our feelings towards what we do. It is the Holy Grail." (Ruslan Krynycya)

Ukraine is in our heart album was self-released in 2006 and was distributed only on the territory of Ukraine. CHYSTA KRYNYCYA played its first gig on October 7, 2006 in Bastion club. Between 2007 2008 the band shared the stage with such bands as ???? ??????? ??????? (Lvov, Ukraine), ??? ? ??? (???????? ??. ??????????), ????????? (Lvov, Ukraine), (Belarus), 9??? (Kharkov, Ukraine), ?????? ?????? (Kiev, Ukraine), ?????? (Kiev, Ukraine), Brigade M (the Netherlands), Antisystem (Russia), "???????? ???????" (Russia), "Shock" (Russia), "?????????" (Kharkov, Ukraine). The next album ???? (The Fate) was released by German label Blasphemous Terror in 2008.

In 2010 CHYSTA KRYNYCYA recorded the new album - "???????? ?????" ("The Symphony of Life") including 14 songs with lyrics in Ukrainian and Russian. The album was released by More Hate Productions.

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