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SOTHORIS from Miloslaw, Poland, is formed back in 2016 by Lord Ghash (bass) and Shargall (guitar). The line-up completed with Hrist (drums), Hex (guitar) and Raven (vocals) records and releases the album titled "Raj Potępiony" (Cursed Paradise). Prior to album release the band debuts on the stage of Jarociński Spichlez Rocka opening for Nervo Chaos (Brazil) in June of the same year. In October SOTHORIS support Banisher, Corruption and Furia on Black Waves Fest On the next shows the band shares stage with such mighty bands like Czort, Occultum, Rienaus, Jarun and Valkenrag. In 2021 Shargall is replaced with Setrial (guitar). The second full-length album titled "Wpiekłowjestienie" (Accession into Hell) is released on January 6, 2021 by four labels in four countries (Finland, Brazil, Russia and Columbia). The music of SOTHORIS (as described by the musicians themselves) is "a combination of black metal ferocity and death metal might", while the lyrics explore human animosity.

Line up:

  • Raven Ц vocals;
  • Lord Ghash Ц bass;
  • Hex Ц guitars;
  • Shargall Ц guitars;
  • Hrist - drums.

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