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INNERSIDE is born in 2009 when the musicians from different bands playing different musical genres join together to make music. Originally INNERSIDE is created as a death metal project. However in several months following the release of "War and Hate" demo in 2010 the project disbands due to commitments of band members with their other bands. In 2012 INNERSIDE changes its status to active. Line-up changes result in a new musical direction of the band. INNERSIDE mixes different metal genres with a clear predominance of thrash and death metal. In 2012 the band records a concept EP titled "The Inner Side of Devastation". Between 2014-2015 INNERSIDE records several tracks released on various compilations (Proryv Vol.5, Extreme Metal Compilation Vol.3: Ongoing Extinction). After a long break followed by another total line-up change in 2019 the band releases "Shelled out and Disembowelled" maxi single freely available on the internet. 2019 can be referrered to as the year when INNERSIDE is rebooted: under the same old name the band changes its logo, musical direction and approach to songmaking. New line-up plays numerous shows with different bands from another cities along with composing a debut full-length album. In 2020 one of the songs by INNERSIDE is released on the iconic Russian Death Metal compilation Vol.6. "Humans Rot" (full-length) is released in 2022.

Line up:

  • Mikhail Sick Bastard Alekseev vocals;
  • Andrey Dr. Plague Kozin guitars, back vocals;
  • Alex Hoffmann Ataev bass, back vocals;
  • Sergey Che Chernikov drums.

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