Winters Breath start as a lets try it project during a Covid related time of work reduction. My basic intention was to try if I am able to make the music I love most- without thinking about releasing it. So I started to play around, recorded a view things here and there and after two weeks I had 4 raw songs. Still in my lets try mood I also wrote and recorded lyrics for those songs and in the end I was impressed how it worked out. After a while (one more song and a lot of listening to them) I prepared the next step of finding a band name which will fit, creating a logo and releasing all of that on bandcamp without knowing what to expect. For me (three months later, after I started this little thing) the feedback was more than great for something I did not expect to do a while ago. All of that made lots of fun, bringing something to life which maybe others also like to hear. As I had still a few open ideas, I started to work on my second album which will be called Graveyard Symphonies. The plan is to release this sometime in spring 2021 but with no pleasure on myself, it will be released when finished. The single release of Desperate Soul should show the direction of the second output. Plans are also to go a bit broader with this release and not only to be published on Bandcamp.

Line up:

  • BL guitars, bass, synths, vocals, programming.

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