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LIGHT? is initially formed as a death metal project by Evgeny Churkin its sole composer and member back in 2002. From progressive gothic doom metal with death and symphonic black metal elements of the debut album (Mirrors, 2005) through almost completely acoustic Light? (2007) the music of the project becomes more and more soft, melancholic and atmospheric. Many years of creative endeavor result in My Sunrise in January album released on the Internet in 2013 and marking a kind of watershed: vocal is completely removed from the music (vocal lines are represented only by samples from different movies), while the music becomes more emotional and rich, eclectic and multigenre. As a result, the incredible atmosphere and emotionality of music along with stylistic versatility become the signature of the project. Since 2005 LIGHT? has released 9 albums, one EP and one split with Pavel Yakovlev a painter and musician from Yaroslavl (Songs Of Dying Wishes, 2016). At different times albums of the project are self-released on the Internet and released on physical media by different labels (Stygian Crypt prods, Haarbn prods, Fono ltd). Songs of Little Heart is released by More Hate Productions. This is a concept-based album inspired by the works of L. Vygotsky, A. Luria, O. Sacks and other works on neuropsychology. The idea of the album is that a conditionally normal person is almost unable to understand the feelings of those who are unable to comprehend and accept the fact of existence of their own physical body: If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a selfhimselfhe cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it. If truth be told, there is nothing to add to this allegory.

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  • Evgeny Churkin all instrumets, vocals.

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