EPIDEMIK - thrash metal band founded in 2011 in Cartago (Costa Rica) by Andrey Salazar as guitarist and vocalist, Paulo Salazar as bass player and Francisco Villalobos as drummer. They released their first EP "Murder by Command" back in 2013 and continued together until 2015, when they decided to not continue with the project. In 2019, Andrey brought back the idea of Epidemik but with some changes. He took over the drums, Kevin Gomez joined as the new guitar player, Erick Perez as the bassist and Freider Korff as vocalist. Later in 2019, Kevin left the band and was replaced by David Molina. In 2021, Erick also left and was replaced by Ernesto Navarro (Excrementor). Epidemik started to record their first full-length album "Epidemik" in 2020, with EPK Records and ChriSic Records taking charge of the entire recording and mastering process. Today the band continues to be active in shows and creating original music. Epidemiks first album is called "Epidemik" since it is the band-s comeback after several years of line-up changes and inactivity. It represents the new sound of the band, that went from old school thrash metal to thrash/death metal and more technical sounds.

Album line up:

  • Andrey Salazar - drums;
  • Freider Korff - vocals;
  • David Molina - guitars;
  • Excrementor – bass.

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