Black metal band VERMIS MYSTERIIS started in summer 2000 by Maksim Xul (guitar/vocals) and Yrt Glormkhaoth (drums). In this line-up band recorded first rehearsal demo in August called The dawn of bloody times which was never spread. In April 2001 Yrt leaves the band to concentrate on his other projects Mourning Palace and Witenangemot, but still he was not thrown away and write lyrics for VERMIS MYSTERIIS. At the same time vocalist Maksim Xul leaves other black metal band CROLEMN GROT (rip) and becomes a leader of his band. New guitarist Xesth Merzobolot, earlier played in death/black GROM, was found for musical part of band, so Xul came to be a free vocalist. As a result work on second demo Trough gloom and fire in 6 tracks of misanthropic BM in vein of DARKTHRONE & BURZUM starts from May till July 2001. Right after the recording Xest Merzobolot leaves the band according to his private reasons. After unsuccessful search of new member Maksim Xul invites Yrt who becomes bands guitarist again. In 2001 the chief of Morheim Productions got interested in Through gloom and fire, which was accomplished with intro, outro and 2 bonus tracks, and it should have been released in 111 tape copies. But than this bastard so called label did nothing and the label guy disappeared. After Mourning Palace split Yrt became multi-instrument player again. So in its firstborn line-up the band began to work on new stuff Ceremony of ages. From March 2003 till April 2004 recording has been proceeding with a support of one of GROT ex-members and Alex.exe from ambient band WITENANGEMOT. After 4-year existence VERMIS MYSTERIIS has recorded a good material consisting of 6 tracks of cold atmospheric black metal like DARKTHRONE, BURZUM and early SATYRICON. A bit later, 4-track EP Rex noctis was also recorded in 2004. Ex-member Xesth Merzobolot also participated in this work, where he played guitars for 2 songs Rex Noctis...Ego Sum Tenebris and God is dethroned!. The result of negotiations with Ukrainian label Bloodhead Productions was releasing the debut CD, including Ceremony of ages and Rex noctis. These 1000 copies were released in cooperation with Russian label More Hate. In the end of 2005 - beginning of 2006 the band recorded its second full-length Flame of fury: 8 tracks of aggressive BM for Empire Records. This CD was also supported by Russian labels Othal and More Hate.

Line up:

  • Maskim Xul - vocals
  • Astaroth - guitars
  • Lord Sinned - bass

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