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WITCHES SABBATH was formed in summer 1997 when Luis Henríquez and Eduardo Salazar joined to play together. In 1998, they released their first demo THE BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE, containing 10 black/death tracks. That work achieved good reviews and distribution (CHANTELOUP or PUSSY GOD RECORDS). In the next stage, an evolution through a most extreme style was observed. This new way originated the second work of the band: DARKNESS KINGDOM COMING, re-edited later in a professional format by OAKEN SHIELD / ADIPOCERE RECORDS. After the edition of this record, there were numerous changes in the line-up. Finally, in the second half of 2003, new songs were recorded. This work was edited by NECROMANCE RECORDS in 2004. Its name was NEW WORLD PLAGUE. In spite of the years, the band never stopped to play alive. Witches Sabbath was support band of some important groups in the scene as Kreator. Although some years passed with the band hibernated, a mini CD containing songs recorded in 2006 and entitled EP OF THE DEAD was released by Cold Raw Records in 2015. After that, the band has composed ten new songs which form the new WITCHES SABBATH album.

Line up:

  • Eduardo Salazar: guitars, drums;
  • Luis Henríquez: bass, vocals.
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