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MORTAL DISMAY (Death/Thrash metal) is formed in the end of 2020 in Moscow by Dmitry Molotov Ц the bassist of HELLRAISER. In March 2021, the band starts the rehearsals with Anna Nikulnikova on vocals. Soon after the former bandmate of Dmitry Ц Ilya Radik (bass) Ц and Andrey Vedeneev (drums) join MORTAL DISMAY. "Persecutor" Ц the first single of the band Ц is released in May 2021. It is followed by "Devil on your tail" released in July. Finally, completed with another new song ("Burn You") the debut EP titled "Devil On Your Tail" appears on all digital platforms on Friday the 13th, August 2021. Meanwhile Andrey Vedeneev quits the band for family reasons. Georgy Pashkov (drums) joins MORTAL DISMAY. The renewed line-up shoots a music video for "Persecutor". Soon Fever International Music Group (USA) expresses interest in this video. The video gains thousands of views and receives positive reviews from all over the world. Following the completion of shooting the band puts the finishing touches on "Unspoken" Ц the debut full-length album recorded during the intense autumn studio sessions. At the moment MORTAL DISMAY commence the recording of a new album.

Line up:

  • Anna Nikulnikova - vocals;
  • Dmitriy Molotov Ц guitars;
  • Iliya Radik - bass;
  • Georgij Pashkov - drums.

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