Put Solnza

PUT SOLNTSA (The Way of the Sun) formed back in 2006 is probably the only Pagan Thrash Metal band in the world. Their heavy metal with patriotic lyrics and recklessly brutal atmosphere reaches the highest possible attack and drive modern music can offer. Its a true Russian Battle Pagan Thrash Metal. The band is born when the vocalist MirRon quits Butterfly Temple in order to form his own band. It doesnt take the new band much time to compose the first songs and to start playing numerous shows along with composing material for the debut album. In 2008 PUT SOLNTSA record their debut EP Moy Sever (My North) in Mindcrusher Labs studio. In May 2009 Effect Babochki (The Butterfly Effect) split is released featuring PUT SOLNTSA, Butterfly Temple, Nevid and Omela. In September 2009 the band records the new album Pobeditel vsegda ostayetsya odin (The winner always remains alone) in KIV Records studio. The album is warmly welcomed by fans and musical critics. The album is reviewed by all leading magazines, web-zines and bloggers. The band is interviewed by Dark City magazine. In 2011 PUT SOLNTSA record another album titled Veter (The Wind). In 2013 the band records the album titled Volk (The wolf) and releases a Tarantul City DVD. PUT SOLNTSA shared stage with such bands like: Megadeth, Samael, Ragnarok, Keep of Kalessin, Arkona, Korpiklaani, Graveworm, Dying Fetus, Artillery, Morgoth, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Destruction and Exumer and played more than 366 shows in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania and Bulgaria between 2011 and 2015. From 2019 the band begins to play shows and tours in Europe.

Line up

  • Miron - vocals;
  • Alexander Sivirin - guitars;
  • Egor - bass;
  • Anton - drums.

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