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The first line-up of DEFLECTION forms the band back in summer of 1992. The true pioneers of this heavy genre, technique and stuff set up their own rehearsal room in their native city on the Neva river. Despite far-from-perfect instruments and equipment back at the time, the trio plays its first live show (3 or 4 instrumental tracks) as early as in the same 1992. The first 5-track demo recorded in winter of 1994 is followed by the Perfect World single (1996) recorded for a CD compilation. During the 90-s DEFLECTION undergoes numerous line-up changes, organizational and technical difficulties the times are hard notwithstanding the enthusiasm of the musicians. Nevertheless, in March, 2000 they enter SIGNAL studio with sound engineer Maxim Polyakov to record their only album Violent Atrophy! Meanwhile Viktor Losev, a well-known producer in metal music world shows interest in the band. Management and promotion agreement is not long in coming. New management arranges a photo shoot session and the release of the album in MC format by Manimal Productions. The album is well received by press and fans. However, in 2002-2003 DEFLECTION makes a difficult decision to freeze its activity for private reasons One year after a vain attempt is made to revive the band with a new line-up. In 2007 a tragedy strikes: Viktor Losev, the producer of the band, passes away. Later the musicians make another vain attempt to bring DEFLECTION back to life. The creative activity of the band fades out between 2009 2010.

Line up:

  • Andrey "Angel" Chernyaev - Vocals;
  • Alberto Vasconcelos - Bass;
  • Vyatcheslav Savelyev - Guitars;
  • Nikolay Balitskiy - Guitars;
  • Sergey Orlov Drums.

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