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There is a quite interesting anomalous phenomenon called УTaos roaring" - its a persistent low pulsing sound resembling the roaring of an engine in idle mode. The name of this phenomenon originates from Taos Pueblo Ц an ancient settlement of American Indians. The most interesting thing about it is that only the inhabitants of this settlement can hear the roaring that disturbs them badly and even makes them suffer.

The band is formed by Arx W. and Red Rat in 2009 when the musicians start composing the first songs. The bands activity continues in 2011 when Alex Osgarn (vocals, ex-Cianid) joins the band. It takes him a little time to write the lyrics for the composed songs. During the same period the band gets its name Ц GUL TAOSA (Taos roaring). In 2012 S. Evers (drums) and Alist Nechrist (bass, ex-Cianid, Mereh) join the band. During the following two years the composing of new songs results in transformation of the originally raw sound of the band into a more concentrated symphonic black/death metal form. In 2013 Alist Nechrist (bass) quits the band due to inability of active involvement in its functioning. The line-up gets a missing member in 2014 when Alice Crow (ex-Nocturnlands, Intra Girgeya) joins the band as a bass-guitarist. During 2014 the band intensely works at the composed material. Due to the absence of a keyboard player all symphonic arrangements are composed by Arx W. (guitar). In 2015 all guitar and vocal lines re-recorded with the new sound are mixed and mastered by Tsun Tsun Productions. Finally the album "The Agony of the Sun" is finished. The band plans numerous shows in support of the debut released by More Hate Productions in the second half of 2015.

Line up:

  • Alex Osgarn - vocals;
  • Arx W. - guitars, keyboards;
  • Red R. - guitars;
  • Alice Crow - bass;
  • S. Evers - drums

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