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IGNITION is formed back in October 2005, when Georgy Potok Ivanov (guitar), Aleksander Chush Shokolov (guitar) and Igor Drakon Solomatin (keys) decide to put together a musical band inspired by IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, NIGHTWISH. Soon after Aleksander quits the band and is replaced by Andrey Dronjak Kozin. Olga Gargulja Bersheva also joins the band as a singer. In April of 2006 Igor Drakon Solomatin (keys) is replaced by Emil Shock Kudanov. Following the series of auditions IGNITION finds Kirill Belousov (drums) and Yulia Volk Gladchenko (vocals). On March 21, 2008 the band plays its first show. After the show played on July 11, 2008 IGNITION decides to take a vacation. During this period Kirill Belousov (drums) and Yulia Volk Gladchenko (vocals) quit the band, followed by Andrey Dronjak Kozin (guitar), Emil Shock Kudanov (keys) and bassist. At the same time the band STIKHIYA OGNYA (Force of Fire) calls it quits, and its vocalist Dmitry Dubrovsky joins IGNITION. Soon after Maksim Shevchenko (ZHELEZNY UDAR (Iron Punch)) becomes a new bassist. After the series of auditions Aleksander Kalugin and Oleg Ozrokov join IGNITION as new guitarists. In 2010 the band records EP INYE (The Others), followed by the full-length album Strakha Bolshe Net (No More Fear, 2011). In 2012 the Yury Momotov (ex- One Day, Innerside) becomes a new drummer of the band. The recording of the second full-length album begins in May 2013. In September of 2015 Andrey Kozin returns to the band to replace Maksim Shevchenko. In spring 2016 IGNITION presents 2 new songs: Mertvyj Gorod (The Dead City) a single dedicated to thirtieth anniversary of Chernobyl accident, and Reshaesh tolko ty (The Decision Is Yours) featured in Extreme Metal Compilation III: Dark Ages Heritage released by Fono LTD. The second album of the band is released in 2017 by More Hate Productions.

Line up:

  • Dmitry Dubrovsky vocals;
  • Georgy Potok Ivanov keyboards;
  • Oleg Ozrokov guitars;
  • Aleksander Kalugin guitars, acoustic guitars;
  • Andrey Dronjak Kozin bass;
  • Yury Momotov drums.

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