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VELIAR is formed by Oleg Mustets back in 2000 as Black Legion. From the very beginning, the musicians decide to play extreme metal. In 2005 the band changes its name to VELIAR and releases its debut album as early as 2007. The debut is titled "Black Legion". in 2007 Ч 2011 VELIAR play numerous shows and compose new songs for the next album. "In Reflection of the Decayed World" recorded in 2011 is released by Grailight Productions. Following the release of the second full-length album the band becomes a one-man project. In 2015 VELIAR release "Sirius" Ч the new single with the lyrics written by Demether Grail (a cooperation that has begun from the release of the previous album). On the third album "Through the Centuries", Symbol of Domination in association with The Ritual Productions, 2016) the band dares to experiment: such songs like "Conferring Happiness", "Deception", "Soothsayer" - definitely stand out from the general concept. The album lyrics are mainly written by Demether Grail once again. In 2019 and 2020 VELIAR release two singles: "1024 - The Rebellion of Soothsayers Ч the Carnage" and "I am the world". Demether Grail has written the lyrics for the both of them. Lyrics-wise VELIAR are increasingly moving towards pagan metal. It takes the band several years to compose and record the fourth album. "Pieces of the Past" is released in November 2022 by More Hate Productions. Once again the album lyrics are written by Demether Grail.

Line up:

  • Mustets Oleg Ц vocals, guitars, bass.

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