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Announce the Apocalypse formed in the fall of 2007. The band is from Roseville, Michigana suburb two miles outside of Detroit. At the time, everyone in the band were teenagersRage and Kevin were seventeen, and Casey and Austin were nineteen. All four of the guys were very close friends for years and attended high school together. They began playing thrash metalderiving their style from major influences such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer and Megadethto come up with a sound that was their own. During 2007-2008, the band had played over thirty shows in Michigan. They played sold out shows, supporting national bands like Overkill and Dope, but in October of 2008, the band broke upnot out of spite, but because some members decided they wanted to go finish college, and pursue other goals. During their eight-year departure, everyone stayed good friends and from time to time played music togethereven revisited some ATA songs, and polished them up. In 2016, with the nation divided, everyone in the band decided it was the right time to get the band back together, finish the album and start playing shows again. This album, with Dominics lyrics and their music, are the perfect sound for what the country is going through; complete chaos, hatred, violence, disorder, corruptionare all subjects the band talks abouttheir sound is truly the music of the apocalypse. It is the right time for their music to be exposed to the world. In October of 2016, they opened for Max and Igor Cavalera (formally of Sepultura) while they made a stop in Detroit on their Return to Roots tour. Announce the Apocalypse made a great return that night and received a lot of attention from the audiencesome claiming they were the best band of the night. A month later, they went to the studio to record their full-length album, Ruins. Christophe Szpajdel drew their official band logohe is the same artist who did the logo for the black metal band, Emperor. The band is currently writing songs for their second album and continue to play shows locally, with other bands a part of the thrash metal scene in Detroit. One of their new songs will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming indie film, A Tale of Two Sillies. They believe Ruins is a powerful debut and will make a strong impact on the metal community and the divided world.

Line up:

  • Austimus Prime - Bass;
  • Casey Ashman - Drums;
  • Kevin Demetrakeas - Guitars;
  • Damien Rage - Guitars, Vocals.

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