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INSANIS is a Russian black metal band from a southern town called Astrakhan, founded in 2013 by guitarist DK and vocalist Qain. Melodic black metal in the key of Watain and Dissection has been chosen as musical direction of the band from the very beginning. At the same time, the musicians set a clear goal - not to copy what has already been created, but to expand the boundaries, while maintaining the basis - black metal. In the same year, the line-up was completed by guitarist Andre, drummer K and bassist Nihilim. Since at the time of creation the young people had no experience of playing in bands, at the beginning of the journey they were helped by the members of Doden Grotte. In alliance with them, as well as thanks to the side projects of DG members, a local black metal scene is formed, which before that looks like a bunch of idiots. During 2014 the band is forming their first material and in 2015 on the Finnish label Spread Evil prods. the first release is out - the demo Through The Flash To The Eternal Dream. Along with 4 bands songs, the recording contained a cover of Ondskapt, which, due to the bands dissatisfaction with the final result, was forever buried on cassettes and did not appear on the Internet. INSANIS spent the next three years performing at various concerts, including with foreign bands (Nervochaos, Once Awake) and in 2018, the debut LP Dawn Ov The Black Sun was released on More Hate Records. The album received good reviews and the band immediately began to prepare material for the next album. Over the entire period of its existence, the INSANIS lineup has changed several times, and in 2020 one of the founders of the band - the vocalist Qain - was put on the federal wanted list, so guitarist DK took over his duties. As a result, only guitarists DK and Andre have remained unchanged members since the inception of INSANIS. In spite of everything, they continue their work and in 2020 will release their new album "Black Metal Marginals", which will mark a new vector of the bands development.

Line up:

  • DK - guitars, vocals;
  • ANDRE - guitars;
  • Alexandr Ataev - bass;
  • ALEX - drums.

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