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Antiquus Scriptum was born in the cold & grim autumn of 1998, by the hand of Sacerdos Magus, after he left the black metal band, Firstborn Evil (later only "The Firstborn"), where he was bass player, but 1998 it is just the year that was started a counting for a beginning, since Sacerdos Magus used old tracks and riffs that remount to 1996, or 1997, in the previous works of the project, that standed as a normal band, until 1999, with formation, rehearsals and all that stuff, but in May 2000 and after a few rehearsal demos and a single live show, in Almada (Portugal), in June 1999, Sacerdos Magus entered in studio "alone", only with the help of his collegue of Firstborn Evil, guest musician on keyboards, Helskir (Gustavo Vieira) and his brother Nyx Sludgeweller (Paulo Vieira), that recorded and mixed not only this work, but all the projects onslaughts through the coming years, collaborating as well a guest musician on lead guitar, etc. The Helskir-s participation on keys, would endure through the years, as well, until the present days. 6 full-length albums + 1 tribute album + a paraphernalia of compilations, splits and EP-s were recorded and released since then, been the discography composed by the album "Abi in Malam Pestem" from 2002, "Immortalis Factus" from 2008, "Conclamatum Est" from 2010, "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis..." from 2013, the tribute album, "Recovering the Throne (Tribute Album)" from 2014, the album "Imaginarium" from 2017 and the album "Ahbra Khadabra" from 2019, all of them released by the German label Vegvisir Distribution (Pesttanz Klangschmiede) on Pro CD, digipack & digisleeve versions through the years, working together with the project until the present days. Many guest musicians passed and continue to pass through the project, collaborating together with Sacerdos Magus, apart of Helskir & Nyx, like Ricardo Vieira (youngest Vieira brother), responsible for many interludes used in the albums, playing several instruments on different works, Zeto Feijão that played traditional instruments on a few registers of the project, TeknoAXE from the US, that has collaborated with Antiquus Scriptum with some pieces, mainly electronic pieces, in some works, Ewan Donnovan from the dark ambient project, Art Imperial, from Brazil, that worked with Sacerdos Magus on keys in many, many onslaugts of the band, until the present days, Kevin MacLeod from the US, that made and still doing some instrumentals for Antiquus Scriptum, more in a medieval folk vein and Per Kiilstofte, from Canada, more recent collaborators in the most recent releases of the project, or Danicide, that gave a hand to Sacerdos Magus on the electric material, recording only a single work for the project until now, but that is a very promising element on the band for the future. Despite the electric vein of the project, that is based on pagan black / viking metal, with old thrash metal, folk and ambiental influnces, Antiquus Scriptum has several worls only of ambient, folk & dungeon synth, mainly with the help of these guest musicians and so much edit metal stuff, but ambient material, as well, simultaneously and this 2022, will be a rich year for both parties, with many new onslaughts unleashed, been most of it released by the Russian label, More Hate Productions. Stay tuned!

Line up:

  • Kevin MacLeod - Keyboards;
  • Per Kiilstofte - Keyboards;
  • Sacerdos Magus - Concept, Samples, Sound Effects, Arrangements, Mix & Production.

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