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In their early days TREACHERY are more of a studio project formed to play old-school death metal the way it was created by lunatics poisoned with toxic vapours and miasma from the wetlands of Florida. Sick schizoid riffs, furious vocals, chaotic solos, speed and aggression, spiteful and obscure lyrics are embodied in the raw hymns to the power of the Horned One, released in 2016 under the title Circle of Betrayers. Over the next few years the project turns into an active live band that participates such events like Necroboinya (NECROBUTCHERY), BLACKENED LIFE FEST, DEATHRASH REVENGE etc. In early 2020 following the series of internal conflicts the majority of the band decides to continue the diabolic procession of this metal cohort with some line-up changes no matter what. New laudations to Chaos and Obscurity are not long in coming in 2021 TREACHERY release a single with the telling title Our Renaissance. This release has indeed marked the renaissance of the band, opening a new page in its biography: drastically down-tuned guitars, groovy elements, drum-machine finally replaced with live drums. The line taken on the single is logically developed on The Key to the Abyss (2022, EP) released by More Hate Prod.

Line up:

  • Cain vocals;
  • Leviathan guitars, back vocals;
  • Brutus bass;
  • Andrey Ischenko - drums.

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