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DEKADENS is formed in 2012 upon disbanding of EZKATON in Warsaw (Poland). However, in contrast to aggressive black/ death metal of EZKATON, the new formation begins to play much more sorrowful music combining mental anguish, ruefulness and misanthropy. Following several rehearsals with drum machine, DEKADENS finds a drummer and begins to play live shows in the hometown. In spring of 2017 the band records a 4-track debut titled УCrossroadsФ released on audio cassettes by Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine). Besides screaming vocals this sorrowful and depressive release features clean female voice adding a post metal touch to the whole thing. However, displeased with realization of the debut, DEKADENS initiates the search for a new label. The decision is made to use new dark-toned artwork that perfectly conveys the general mood of the album. Finally the EP is released by two Russian labels Ц More Hate Productions and Narcoleptica Productions in the end of 2017.

Line up:

  • Kyrie - Guitars;
  • Jeanne Des Anges - Vocals (female);
  • N.O. - Vocals (lead), Bass;
  • Tomasz Dobrzański - Drums (session).

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