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SPHERE DEMONIS is a promising Moscow band formed back in 2013 by the members of DOMINIONS, NECROPOLIS PARK and MAKKHABR. The same year the band records its first single titled The Priest. The single receives many positive reviews and SPHERE DEMONIS ventures upon a bold and ambitious step the recording of a full-length album. In the beginning of 2014 the band presents another welcomed song I Choose You supported by studio footage. During the album recording process Evgeniy Gortsovskiy (vocals) quits SPHERE DEMONIS due to relocation. After a while a talented musician and poet Nephilim the front-man of SACRUM FRAUS joins the band. He writes the lyrics for the remaining songs and records vocals. In the middle of 2015 the album is recorded and Nephilim quits the band in order to focus on his main project SACRUM FRAUS. Meanwhile SPHERE DEMONIS remains busy with rehearsals, searching for a vocalist and mixing of the new album. In 2016 thanks to the masterful work done by Georgiy Shchelbanin (DEVIANT NATION STUDIO) the album is finally mixed and mastered. The same year the new vocalist Alexander Spartanskiy joins the band. SPHERE DEMONIS records another song with his vocals, commences concert activity and starts looking for a label. Finally in April of 2017 the debut album The Revelation of the Pyramids is released by More Hate Production.

Line up:

  • Alexander Spartanskiy - vocal;
  • Vadik Morwran guitars;
  • Damir Gaisin guitars;
  • Evgeniy Konakov bass guitars;
  • Maks Livov drums.

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