In the vast steppe expanses of the Astrakhan Region on the bank of the Great Russian River Volga there is a settlement named Cherny Yar. There is nothing special about this settlement just several dusty streets and the bank of the river littered with plastic wastes. Chernyi Yar is inhabited with ordinary people who have ordinary problems This is a birthplace of a band with a distinctive name HORROR NECROS. The project appears in 2014 when two friends: Dmitry Kuznetsov (Horror) and Nikita Boldyrev (Necros), inspired by the music of their favorite metal bands (especially SIX FEET UNDER the main source of inspiration for HORROR NECROS), decide to form a band of their own. The project, originally named HORROR ASTAROTH, begins the composing and recording of new material, but later discovers another band with the same name. Nevertheless, the work at new material continues in parallel with the search for another band name. Being the big fans of horror films, the band members decide to use the word Horror as a starting point of the search. The word Astaroth is finally replaced with Necros taken from veterinary science. The recording of a full-length quality album becomes the main objective of the new band named HORROR NECROS. Upon successful record-session, mixing and mastering of the debut the band, with the assistance of their more experienced colleagues, signs an album release contract with MORE HATE Prod.

Line up

  • Dmitry Kuznetsov(Horror) - guitars, vocals, drums;
  • Nikita Boldyrev(Necros) bass

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