REDRVM is a project of IMPALER and UNDEAD members', formed in the end of 2004 by guitarist Avenger and vocalist Dethonator. From the very beginning line-up consisted of 3 members: Dethonator (Vocals), Avenger (Guitar), Demiurgh (Bass). In 2005 releases first demo album "War, Blood & Honour" . Musicians define their style as War Metal - and truly, album contains all wide spectrum of styles from Brutal Death & Black to Doom moments and even elements of folk. Tight, close to death metal guitar riffs, unexpected sample insertions, vocal - combining growl & screaming parts with russian-language inclusions, powerful atmospheric Synths passages, and for the dessert cover version of Behemoth "Act Ov Rebellion".

10th of September, 2005 first live show under the sign of new album presentation. In the beginning of 2006 releases into the world PROMO album "Satisfucktion", which includes songs from forthcoming album, and also re-recorded songs from "War, Blood & Honour". Especially for fans and metalheads album contains covers on such bands as: Satyricon, Sepultura, and also Metallica, processed in firm style of REDRVM. Feature of the album is 2 powerful videoclips to songs Satisfucktion and Murderedroom, filmed at March of 2006. PROMO album being sent to underground record companies and reviewers. Later band receives offers from ukrainian Bloodhead Productions (now Empire Records), greek Metalfighters and Bolgarian Distributor Of Pain.

In the end of 2006 finishes record of long-awaited "Mephisto Opressor" and shows true awfully-beautiful face of REDRVM. And if the first album, as band members say, was "try of strengths", search for the style and combined elements of many metal genres, - new album is completely sustained in one spirit and conceptual. Powerful guitar pressure, middle East, anctient-egyptian melodies, death mystical-occult lyrics, various vocal parts - it is all are components, that brings the band to a new level. Album consists of 10 songs, including cover "Dominate" by the legend of Death Metal - Morbid Angel. In October of 2007th album is out on Ukrainian label PaS Records. Album equipped with 12-page booklet, with lyrics and info about the band. Also a bonus - videos Satisfucktion & Murderedroom.

During period from 2006 to 2007 band playing few shows in Ioshkar-Ola and closest cities. In the beginning of 2007 drummer Sargeras joins the band. In the end of 2007 greek label Circle Of Blood (division of Metalfighters) releases first album of the band "War, Blood & Honour". Band re-recording material from the beginning of it's creativity, completed in a new spirit. Many parts was re-considered and changed. Album was re-recorded from the very beginning, leaving the firm style of REDRVM untouched. Album contains videoclips - Satisfucktion and Murderedrooom, and also "Generation Of Dead God" from forthcoming album "World DeTermination", filmed summer 2007. Also pleasant bonus of the CD is track "Gates Of Sorrow" with russian lyrics, which fully sustained in Gothic/Doom style and appears to be one of the band experiments, later turned into a separate musical project. CD is designed with 8-pages booklet.

In 2007 working on finishing the release of new opus "World DeTermination". Increased speed , technical aspect of music, anti-human lyrics and all-destructing vocals will please Black & Brutal Death metal fans: To be continued:

Line up:

  • Avenger - guitars
  • Destructor Ц guitars
  • Dethonator Ц vocals
  • Demiurgh Ц bass
  • Xul - drums

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