At the dawn of 2000s when the fire of metal underground was hot enough to melt the Siberian ever-frost, four young metalheads formed the first line-up of RUBICON in a distant corner of snow-bound Krasnoyarsk. The musicians choose epic heavy/doom metal as their genre. In spring of 2002 the first two-song demo "Trail" is recorded. Today it is a rarity. The release of the demo tape is followed by numerous shows played at local and regional venues (Deathlocation fest, Pulsar fest etc.), frequent line-up changes (Ivan "Ian" Bulankov - vocals, mastermind of the band - has remained the only original member of RUBICON) and musical experiments: introduction of power, progressive and industrial metal elements. In 2010 the band releases "T-800"- an experimental internet-single gravitating towards modern heavy/industrial metal.In 2015, when their distinct style is finally formed, RUBICON commence the recording of a debut full-length album. "Welcome to Wasteland" is released in June, 2018 by NARCOLEPTCA and MORE HATE Productions.

RUBICON is an international heavy metal band formed in the early aughts. Current line-up consists of Ivan Yan Bulankov (vocals, the mastermind of the band), Bob Saliba (guitar, France), Dmitry Belf (bass, production and arrangements) and Alexander Voronov (guitars, sound production).The band has released three full-length albums well reviewed by media worldwide (Power Play, Atmosfear, Dark City etc.). The band itself describes the genre of RUBICON as Dark Heavy Metal (American-style dark dramatic heavy/power metal interspersed with many other genres of modern heavy music), while the lyrics are based on a combination of dark fantasy, science fiction, philosophy and mysticism.

Line up:

  • Ivan Bulankov vocals;
  • Dmitry Belf bass, drums, production and arrangements;
  • Alexander Voronov guitars and sound production;
  • Bob Saliba lead guitars.

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