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SEVENSINS - a Sympho Black / Death Metal band whose music is influenced by many other genres of metal. The band is formed back in 2008 in the East of Kazakhstan, in the heart of Rudny Altai, near the city with a majestic name Ust Kamenogorsk, where two rivers merge in a throat between the mountains. This place is rich in variety of natural landscapes: forests, mountains and rivers that significantly influence the diversity and profoundness of the music composed by SEVENSINS. The members of the first line-up of the band commence their musical activity in 2004-2006. During the first 6 years SEVENSINS spend 6 and more hours every day in their rehearsal room, composing music. In 2012, following numerous live shows, with many unreleased songs in their set list, the band decides to record the debut death metal album titled Oderzhimiy Nasiliem (Obsessed by Violence), that, however, gets a cool welcome. Following the unsuccessful start, the guitarists give up on the band and quit it. The remaining line-up decides to take drastic measures and change everything: the concept, the genre and the approach to their music. As a result in 2016 SEVENSINS deliver a strong Sympho Black / Death Metal album titled "Due Diaboli et Apocalypse" with a new line-up and excellent artwork. The second full-length album narrating about the dark side of the medieval times from Europe to Asia gets many positive reviews from around the world, inclusive of Metal Hammer, and becomes a true breakthrough for the band. All weak points were addressed and fixed. In 2016 SEVENSINS commence the recording of their third album aiming to surpass the predecessor in many ways. In the beginning, everything goes well, but then the things start going off script. The atmosphere inside the band changes for the worse, then returns to normal, then changes again... The band undergoes frequent line-up changes with the vocatist and the drummer remaining the only permanent members. In order to take mind off the everlasting line-up problems, along with working on the upcoming record the musicians compose a long-planned album titled "Legends of Kazakhstan", later recorded by the entire line-up. Thus, Legends... becomes the third full-length album of the band. It narrates obscure tales of the lands currently known as the Eastern Kazakhstan. For years SEVENSINS wanted to pay tribute to their native land full of secrets. Finally, this idea, born 6 years ago, is embodied. On this album the band pays tribute not only to their Homeland, but to the roots of the genre their second album was attributed to. This is a pure black metal album devoid of all symphonic elements. Alongside SEVENSINS record an EP titled Natural Selection that brings us back to the roots of the band, that have never been forgotten. Meanwhile, the recording of the proper album is still in process, that makes this release the longest in the making in the bands discography. Only another 6 years later the work on their long-awaited album is finished. "My Triumph" is a fully completed statement. There is nothing to add to or subtract from it. It is the most complex and profound record of the band: it will take years to catch all the details and nuances hidden on the album. The band has played numerous live shows, sharing stage with such bands like Kataklysm, Marduk, Vader, released several official videos. 14 years of fruitful work make SEVENSINS real veterans of the extreme scene of Kazakhstan.

Line up:

  • Vocal element 1;
  • Guitar 1 element 2;
  • Guitar 2 element 3;
  • Bass element 4;
  • Drums element 5;
  • Keys element 6.

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