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In summer of 2010 in Moscow the former guitarist of STILL Alexander Kapustin and the vocalist of ARKAIM Evgeny Smagin (both bands have already been featured in a heavy metal compilation (2006) and shared stage) decide to form a band. After some consideration the band assumes the name VOLCHYA SOTNYA. The first work of VOLCHYA SOTNYA is a cover version of The Vampire song recorded in tribute to twenty-fifth anniversary of ARIA band. In spring of 2011 the band becomes the winner of INTERNET TRIBUTE TO ARIA project. Following the victory Stanislav Kozlov (bass) and Aleksey Agapov (drums) join the band. Throughout its existence the line up of VOLCHYA SOTNYA has also featured Leonid Arkhipov (bass), Evgeny Zotov (drums), Anton Mikheev (bass).

The band has participated in the following tributes:

  • Internet tribute to ARIA XXV;
  • A tribute to Skoraya Pomoshch;
  • A tribute to Cherny Obelisk XXV;
  • A tribute to MASTER XXV;
  • A tribute to Sergey Mavrin.
  • In parallel Evgeny and Alexander work at new material of their own. This work results in a full-length album Angels grief. The band plays shows in Moscow clubs and in other cities. VOLCHYA SOTNYA plays modern melodic heavy metal with strong male vocals, enriched with keyboards.

    • Evgeniy Smagin vocals, music & arrangements;
    • Alexander Kapustin guitars, music & arrangements;
    • Denis Lityaev bass;
    • Vitaliy Voronzov - drums.

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