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The project is formed by Roman Gaak in a small town of the Smolensk region. The idea of the project emerges in summer of 2016. One month later the first demo is recorded. Very soon Romans eagerness to compose music results in clear understanding of what should be done in furtherance of his goals. The creative endeavor gives birth to the debut album of the project. This period can be characterized by Romans obsession with depreciation of life and self-hatred. Absence of lyrics results from unwillingness of the composer to speak for himself accumulating negative emotions. The mere thoughts about meaninglessness of life are displeasing, though that is no news. No fine words about this subject will help you to strike anyone as clever, an expert in life. Unavailing efforts to look poor and unhappy will not force anyone to have compassion on you. The meaning of life is to live ignoring its meaninglessness. "Every person has a right to feel its own grief. However it seems irrational to focus on it and obtrude your own attitude to any events. That is why my music is composed for special moments and personal feelings rather than calls to realize meaninglessness of life. It is about my feelings. They are related to this subject, but I do not force it on anyone. Depression is a perennial theme in music - states Roman Gaak. Doom metal by ALONE IN THE MIST and its variations are definitely beautiful and make strong emotional impact on listeners.The musician believes in future of his project. See Them Dying (full-length) was released in CD format in 2018. In Chains of Torment (full-length, 2020) was characterized by significant bias towards death doom metal.

Line up:

  • Roman Gaak all instruments, music and vocals.

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