SMERSH is a thrash metal band formed in spring of 2021. Following the failure to revive his previous band, Sergey Kryuchkov forms his own project. Since the beginning, SMERSH has remained a one-man band. The same year the band records the debut album titled "Capital" with a two-bottles-of-beer budget and guest appearances by the guitarists from SAVOYAR and ELIGORIUM. The album includes a cover version of Biser (Beads) the song originally performed by MC Malokhval. In spring of 2022 SMERSH releases an Internet single titled Thrash Metal. As compared to the debut, the sound of the single becomes more relevant from the commercial point of view. The release features the guitarist from BASTARD (Krasnoyarsk). December 2022 SMERSH completes the recording of another full-length album titled .... The album features guest solos by the guitarists from SAVOYAR and ELIGORIUM. The album is released on CD by More Hate Prod. It is the first physical release of the band. SMERSH keeps on composing and recording new material. In May 2023 Sergey supported by SAVOYAR band records a roughly 10-minute long EP titled "Razvorachivay", that consists of four straightforward songs. The EP is released in summer of the same year by More Hate Prod. as a split CD with TOXIC CARNAGE (Brazil). In early August SMERSH releases a new single titled "Tomorrow". Currently the band is busy with composing and recording of new material.

Line up:

  • Kryuchkov Sergej - all instruments, lyrics and music.

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