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TANATOR (St. Petersburg) is formed in late 2012 / early 2013 to perform old-school thrash metal. In course of time the music is enriched with different elements of such extreme metal genres like crust, UK82, proto-black and old-school death metal. The lyrics are mainly dedicated to social issues. Over the years the band undergoes numerous line-up changes. Max Mikhailov the mastermind of TANATOR has remained the only permanent member of the band. The discography of TANATOR includes Demo 2013, four full-length albums, one EP, feature in the tribute to legendary Sabbat (Japan) and the Russian tribute to Bathory. The band has played numerous shows and tours in Russia, toured Mexico, shared stage with Destroyer666, Nervosa, Vektor, Exumer, Deathhammer, Overcharge, Kohti Tuhoa, Hello Bastards, Krupskaya, Charged SS, J.M.K.E., toured Europe with Fatum and Moratory, participated in such European Festivals like Zoro Fest, Enemy of the Sun, PunknRoll Festival. In 2019 the band commences the composing of the third full-length album and prepares to enter the studio in 2020. However the pandemic outbreak occurs. Pandemic restrictions in everyday life constantly postpone the recording. As a result, Disapotheosis is recorded only in 2021. All songs are dedicated to different manifestations of war and turn out to be prophetic, sometimes to the details. The album has been recorded in Kukkovka Hell Studios and Fast and Loud Studio. In 2022 TANATOR record their new album. "Call From Nowhere" is jointly released by three labels from Russia, Kazakhstan and Portugal in spring 2023.

Line up:

  • Max guitars, vocals;
  • Artem guitars;
  • Egor - bass;
  • Paul drums.

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