VIOGRESSION - pioneers of Wisconsin death metal, formed in 1989, honed their craft opening shows for such legendary acts as Morbid Saint, Laaz Rockit and Coroner. Recorded 3 demos: "Perception Blur" (1989), "Execution" (1990) and "Devils" (1990). In 1990 they signed with Tombstone Records and recorded their ground breaking debut album "Expound & Exhort". In 1991 they did a world tour with Death and Pestilence. In 1992 Viogression began recording their 2nd album "Passage" (in 1994 Progressive Records released an unfinished recording of album). In 1994 the band went on a 9 year hiatus. In 2003 Viogression reformed and started writing. In 2008 Eric Shultek was asked to record drums for 4 songs, that became Viogressions 2014 EP entitled "A Pure Formality". This lead to a live performance at a festival with Morbid Saint and Possessed in 2015. More live shows followed including shows with Massacre, NunSlaughter, Blood and Gruesome. In 2020 as the world fell to the plague, Viogression began recording "3rd Stage of Decay". In 2022 Viogression sign with Satanath Records, Moribund Records, Murdher Records, Pest Records and Dark United Media for worldwide album release. The band will once again be out on tour in support of their soon to be released 3rd album "3rd Stage of Decay". The experience of a Viogression live show is not to be missed, the Wisconsin death metal legends fire still burns...

Line up:

  • Brian DeNeffe - vocals;
  • Duane Timlin - drums;
  • Matt Holtz - guitars;
  • Jason Hellman - bass.
  • Guests:

  • Jim Potter - guitars;
  • Jason Gobel - guitar solo (track 10);

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