SPEEDEMON were formed in mid-2011, in Vila Franca de Xira (Lisbon-Portugal) initially just as a trio composed of Branco (drums), Brutus (vocals and bass) and Bicho (guitar)! With this formation, they begin to develop some ideas and three themes emerge that serve to present the band, Black Bull, 1974 and Kings Of The Road! In October 2011, the band undergoes some changes and evolves into a quartet, when Brutus takes on a second guitar and with the entry of Peter to ensure the role of bassist. July 2011, Speedemon release their debut Single Blackbull. More material is being written with this lineup and the first opportunities to play live are starting to appear, with their stage debut taking place in March 2012. In May 2015, Speedemon releases the EP First Blood. In May 2019, Speedemon releases their debut Long-Length CD Hellcome. The experience of these four elements with other previous projects (mainly, Reckless Pain and Encancrate), allows them to mix different influences present in the Heavy Metal scene: from NWOBHM to Power Metal, passing through Thrash and Speed Metal.

Line up:

  • Bicho - guitars;
  • Brutus guitars/ vocals;
  • China - drums;
  • Diley - bass.

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