NOITASAPATTI was born back in spring 2017 at Pori, Finland by Erakko (vocals), Liekkiö (guitars, keyboards), Mielivalta (guitars) and Rampa (bass). Soon after that, Rienaaja joined us with drums and the first line-up was complete. After few months of intensive rehearsing and composing, we recorded our first demo, Vaellamme kuin Taivaankappaleet on december 2017 and released it on CDr-format spring 2018. First live-show took place in our hometown also in the same spring. After that, Rampa left the band and Erakko began to play bass. Next year we recorded a second demo, Aarnivalkean ajamana and played some gigs, but sadly our original drummer Rienaaja left the band before the winter 2019-20. Pyöveli played drums for a few months but our split-album with another finnish band HOLLOW CORPSE was recorded with session drummer Joni Juvonen. Finally Häviö came to band after that and few months later, Kadonnut also joined the band to play keyboards. After years of frustration and difficulties with the ex-members, now we feel the line-up is stable and the best to imagine. On summer 2021 we finally recorded our first full-length album Kuolemattomille maille.

Line up:

  • Erakko - Vocals, Bass, Mouth Harp, Horns;
  • Liekkiö - Guitars, Keyboards;
  • Mielivalta - Guitars, Bouzouki;
  • Häviö - Drums;
  • Kadonnut - Keyboards.

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