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The band is formed back in November, 1993. The first line up consists of Dmitriev brothers Sergey (vocals, guitar) and Igor (drums, keyboard), Roman Povarov (guitar) and Denis Samusev (bass). In January, 1994 the band records Funeral Service demo in Vnukovo studio (Moscow). The demo receives favorable reviews. In July, 1994 MENTAL HOME records the debut album Mirrorland in the same studio. The debut takes the band to a significantly higher level: the music becomes more obscure and atmospheric along with more complicated song structures. The album is released by famous Russian label METAL AGEN. After a short time Roman Povarov becomes a keyboardist due to a little finger injury which makes him unable to play guitar anymore. Following the long period of looking for a new guitarist the band records Vale album with Sergey Kalachev on guitar. The album is released in MC and CD format by MORBID NOIZZ (Poland). After the album presentation show Roman Povarov quits the band. He is replaced by Mikhail Maiden Smirnov (keyboards). In January, 1997 the band begins working on the 4th album titled Black Art. During the same time period MENTAL HOME sings a contract with THE END RECORDS for reissue of Vale and release of the upcoming album. Black Art is recorded by July, 1997 and released by THE END RECORDS. The next MENTAL HOME CD Upon the Shores of Inner Seas is released in 2000 by major CENTURY MEDIA. The album receives positive reviews from rock-magazines and enthusiastic response from fans. However, after the release of Upon the Shores of Inner Seas the band enters a long period of silence. In November, 2009 MENTAL HOME resumes rehearsals with Aleksandra Tsvetkova (THE ARROW, SOKOLINAYA OKHOTA) on bass guitar. In September, 2010 Mirrorland is reissued by MORE HATE Prod. MENTAL HOME successfully plays shows in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Vologda. On May 9, 2011 the band releases a two-song single V Srednem Techenii Schlange (In the middle reaches of Schlange) dedicated to Victory Day. The single is the first Russian-language release of MENTAL HOME. In 2011 the band begins the recording of the new full-length album Ugra. The album is released in October, 2012. It is also dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

Line up:

  • Sergey Grave Dmitriev vocals, guitars;
  • Sergey Kalachev lead guitars;
  • Michail MAIDEN Smirnov keyboards;
  • Igor Evil Spirit Dmitriev drums;
  • Aleksandr Zmey Tsvetkov bass.

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