2022-12-01 - NEW CD!!! 088/ MHP 22-418/ INVERT 041 TANATOR Disapotheosis!!!

A joint release of More Hate Productions, Careless Records and Inverted Inhumation Records: The third full-length album by a black/thrash metal band from Russia!!!

2022-11-27 - NEW CD!!! MHP 22-415 HLADOMRAK Archaic Sacrifice!!!

The third full-length album by black metal band from Sweden!!!

2022-11-15 - NEW CD!!! MHP 22-417 VELIAR "Oskolki Proshlogo (Pieces of the Past)!!!

The new album by Russian melodic death/black metal band!!!

2022-11-09 - NEW CD!!! SAT354/ MHP 22-416 ETERNALLY SCARRED "Echoes From Beneath"!!!

A joint release of Satanath Records and More Hate Productions: new album "Echoes From Beneath" of Armenian melodic death/doom metal band!!!

2022-10-29 - NEW CD!!! MHP 22-419 BLACK SHADOW The last stage of transformation"!!!

The new album by Russian black metal cult!!!

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