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SAINTORMENT (a combination of saint and torment) is formed back in spring of 2013 in industrial Latvian city of Daugavpils when Ed (drums) and Denis (bass) join their forces under the leadership of Roman (guitar) in order to play old school thrash metal. Intense rehearsals are followed by the first shows in autumn of the same year: the band plays covers of songs originally performed by such bands like Metallica, Kreator, Pantera, Exodus etc. Meanwhile the musicians work on their own material. Having failed to find a vocalist, Roman decides to do vocals himself. In autumn of 2014 Wolf a well-known guitarist, the founder of Varang Nord (viking metal) who has already played at Wacken Open Air festival (Germany) joins SAINT?RMENT. In summer 2015 the band records its debut album in a small studio arranged in their rehearsal room somewhere in industrial area. The recording process is funded and carried out by Roman. "Well of Sins" is released on December 20, 2015. The music of the band is significantly influenced by the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motörhead and Exodus, yet heaving its own, unique approach to melodics. Solos are more characteristic of heavy metal, however the album is not lacking in thrash metal elements. Digital version of "Well of Sins is available for download (free or at nominal charge) at the Bandcamp page of SAINTORMENT. Physical copies of the album are limited to 50 CDs. In June 2016 Wolf quits SAINTORMENT in order to focus on his main band. He is followed by the bassist soon after. A short time afterwards SAINTORMENT resumes concert activity with new members in the line-up. In the middle of December 2016 the band commences the recording of the second album. All work is again performed by Roman himself. In March 2017 Roman disbands the line-up for absence of motivation. The recording of a 9-track album (+one bonus track) is finished by June 2017. After mixing and mastering it is released on CDs by More Hate Productions in the beginning of 2018.

Line up:

  • Roman Romanov - guitars, vocals.

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