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Ancient sphereS is a Black Metal band from Costa Rica, Central America, founded in late 2010. In 2012 Cold Winds from the North... Stacked in the Deepest Woodlands, EP was released in Digital Format as an experiment. For June of 2013 Tales of Suwoh LP was release in digital and initiate the gigs for the band with the Ancient Worship European Tour 2013 in Halle Germany and promotion in Czech Republic. For that year, two more gigs in Mexico, opening show to True Mayhem in Puebla in the Pure Fucking Armageddon tour. In 2014, Ancient Spheres participates as a guest on the "Alajuelita Metal Fest III" and "Holocaust II" in Costa Rica. For midyear toured Panama City and Boquete Chiriqui. It also participates in the "Under Black Metal Fest" in Costa Rica. By August, Guatemala for two dates "Ancient March to Isengard" in Guatemala City and "Oxidente Xela Rock Metal Fest 2014 3rd Edition" in Quetzaltenango. By September Honduras and El Salvador under the "Independence 2014 Metal Fest" tour. In January 2015 Under the Spell of the Spheres EP is produced but not released yet. Between March and July, the In Conspiracy with the Night is produced and will initiate the return to the shows.

Line up:

  • Yeudiel Chacón - Vocals/Bass;
  • Adolfo Bejarano - Guitar;
  • Raymondsz - Drums

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