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Initially the project was conceived as an experimental try to replenish the authors personal playlist. However, following the composing and successful recording of the first 3 songs the decision was made to give the project a name and to let the spirits communicate freely between people. Between 2017 and 2019 the project was developing the concept and physical fitness required to embody the music of the project on musical instruments. The work was guided by daily analysis of rather significant influence of BM culture and its pathetic aiming for isolation. The fall of such meteorites like SS-18, Black Flux and Yeres played even more critical role. The simplicity and extraordinary opportunities thundered through all possible inside channels of the modern occult life. BESTRABERTO 2019 (demo album) was recorded by a single person in a Moscow studio. Song "Utroba" (Womb) was recorded with the assistance of Klem from Nefas Terra. The lyrics of the songs are devoid of the authors empathy for any aspect of the real world, the recordings were made in a portal use format. The use of bass guitar parts in the form of shamanic narcotic trips seemed interesting as well after the opportunities of the influence of BM rotation on the outside world turned out to be quite objective even at the epochal level of development of such a unique and primordial legion of melodies of subjective experiences of life. Each song was created in different cities of the northern and the western parts of Russia. The material was recorded in a strictly designated location on the selected days and hours. The songs are focused on each particular case of contact between the internal occult processes and the external processes. The ideological principles of the entire religious and psychological philosophy, as well as the grimoire tradition and alchemical experiments were taken as the basis. The involvement of musicians in the project was not accompanied by planning of future live performances.

Line up:

  • Artur Satanyan - vocals, all instruments.

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