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Rose Scream band was founded in Volgograd, Russia, in 2011. There were a basis team: Valentine Wongraven (vocals), Kirill Miroshnikov (bass) and Alex Gryanchenko (solo guitar). Using experience of musicians, band quickly made tracklist and debuted in September 2011. By the end of the year, the first demo was made. It was My Asphyxia. After changing rhythm-guitarist, band continued concert activity. In the summer of 2012, team was recorded new demo Ц Be My God. Fans warmly accepted both demos.

After careful selection and long preparation, Rose Scream started to record album. At the same time, band actively performed, wrote new songs. All tracks recording ended in spring of 2014. In June, 2014, team performed a concert in Saratov. People positively accepted the band. But soon Rose Scream was waiting for a strong shock. In July 2014, rhythm guitarist and drummer left the band. In this regard, album design was frozen, and team started to search for new musicians. They were: Vitaliy Basenkov (drums) and Sergey Eliseev (rhythm guitar). In spring of 2015, the long-awaited work was continued. In April 2015, band performed a concert with new members. Album, called УAlgizФ, was ended in autumn of 2015 and was realized by More Hate Productions. Today, Rose Scream continue concert activity and create new material.

ROSE SCREAM is a perfect combination of bellicosity and femality that defines the style of the band. The voice of Valentina Wongraven is the heart of ROSE SCREAM that beats along with the mighty sound of the instruments: drums (Vitaliy Basenkov) setting the pace of the songs; guitars (Alexandr Gryanchenko and Sergey Eliseev) piercing veins and chilling the blood with metal sound of their strings; bass (Kirill Miroshnikov) bringing the ice of Scandinavia into the music.

Line up:

  • Valentine Wongraven - vocals;
  • Kirill Miroshnikov - bass;
  • Alex Gryanchenko - guitars;
  • Vitaliy Basenkov - drums;
  • Sergey Eliseev - rhythm guitars.

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