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The history of the project formed in Rostov-on-Don on fragments of the black metal band RAGOR dates back to 2018. And his name is MOURNER, meaning "seeing him off on his last journey". This is the name that most accurately describes the work of the band that chose the musical direction of Doom/Death Metal. The founders of the formation are Gor (ex-Ragor) and Saw. Having started composing songs, the guys deepened their work. The musical component was taken up by Saw, and the textual and vocal component - by Gor. After a while, when the most part of the material was invented, the band invited another colleague A.D. (ex-Ragor), who started writing the second guitar and other instruments, arranging the entire material, and later on, its mixing. After many years of hard work, the album "Apogee Of Nihility" was born, which consists of 7 tracks, immersing in an atmosphere of despair for 45 minutes. Artwork by Mary Kankava.

Line up:

  • Gor - vocals, bass;
  • Saw - guitars;
  • A.D. - guitars, drums, samples.

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