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The biography of ARS NOCTURNA (Stavropol, Russia) begins in 2009 when Max (vocals) and Pavel (guitar) commence work on Pavels black metal-related stuff eventually transformed into symphonic black metal. In the beginning NOCTURNE (the original name of the band) is 100% focused on Satanism and occultism. By spring 2011 the band completes the line-up and begins playing shows in Stavropol. In the end of 2012 the musicians play their first show away from hometown in Elista. At this stage the band has a firm plan to record a symphonic black metal album. However this plan fails due to line-up problems the band faces between 2012 and 2013. Finally the remaining musicians (Max (vocals), Pavel (guitar), Sergey (bass) and Aleksey (drums)) decide to play their old material rearranged for available instruments. In course of time Pavel gets over his own songs and quits the band. Under these circumstances Sergey brings in several finished songs, while Max proposes to invite Danil (guitar) an old friend of the band. This line-up records Ouroboros demo later released in CD and MC formats. Following this release the band plays a live show and changes its name to ARS NOCTURNA. However for reasons beyond control the band has to take a break. In 2016 ARS NOCTURNA releases its new work Kholod. Veter. Oskolki (Cold. Wind. Shatters). By the end of the year the line-up of the band is completed with new musicians: Ivan (drums) and Artem (guitar). ARS NOCTURNA releases a new song titled Rithimorum as a preview of an upcoming album. EPSILON (full-length) is released on the Internet in July 2018. Physical copies of the album are released with some delay. At this stage the line-up of the band features new guitarists. The work on a new album is in progress.

Line up:

  • Maksim Spasskij vocals;
  • Georgij Voloshin guitars;
  • Maksim Ermilov - guitars;
  • Sergej Gavrilyuk - bass;
  • Ivan Volkov - drums;
  • Artyom Dunaev - guitars (Epsilon record session);
  • Danil Demchenko - guitars (Epsilon record session).

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