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SOLARFALL was formed back in autumn of 2001 by Vitaliy Konovalov (bass, vocals) and VyacheslavKhryashchev (guitar) in Krasnoyarsk. With its roots in raw aggressive and cold black metal, the style of the band has evolved into mature diverse technical black metal, yet remaining as grim as in the early days. As is often the case, the band has undergone numerous line-up changes. Vitaliy Konovalov, the author of all lyrics and the main composer, has remained the only original member of SOLARFALL. The biography of the band is quite long and interesting, not lacking in tragic elements. Thus, the debut album is dedicated to Pyotr Mikheev, the drummer of SOLARFALL, who tragically died in aviation accident in 2015, while the song "Silver Glass Vortex" is dedicated to the fight of Vyacheslav Khryashchev Ц the original guitarist and one of co-founders of the band Ц against the irremediable disease. On the day of album release the line-up of SOLARFALL consists of Vitaliy Konovalov (bass, vocals, music, lyrics) and Evgeniy Tsyglitskiy (guitar, music).The lyrics of the band have always been devoid of any ideology. The primary emphasis has always been placed upon music and its combination with vocals. There is no typical black metal Satanism or occultism in the lyrics of SOLARFALL. It is dedicated, mainly, to dark and dangerous natural phenomena. The music of the band reveals winter cold, awe and beauty of the icy world. It is the main theme of the debut. SOLARFALL has always been an active concert band. It has participated in big festivals and smaller gigs both in hometown and in other cities, and gained vast concert experience. And now, after 15 years of existence, SOLARFALL presents its debut album charged with grim and cold black metal!

Line up:

  • Vitaliy Konovalov - bass, vocals;
  • Evgeniy Tsyglitskiy - guitars;
  • Vlad Yungman Ц drums.

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