Dr Faust

DR. FAUST are formed back in 1988 in Sochi on the ruins of IKAR project. The original line-up includes lgor Kharabet (bass, vocals), Alexander Bardysh (guitars) and Sergey Polyukhovich (drums). In the early days the band plays both hard rock songs and multistructural thrash metal pieces. DR. FAUST debuts on the first city festival of jazz and rock music in October 1988. This show is followed by a three-month-long concert tour under the auspices of Magadan Regional Philharmonic. Soon after the triumphant return home the band records its first demo titled "Metallichesky Ad" (Metal Hell). Meanwile Sergey Tkachenko (new vocalist) quits the band citing creative differences. Sergey Polyukhovich (drums) departs shortly after for the same reason. He is replaced by Ruslan Dreychyuk. The new line-up records "Prizrak Strakha" (The Spectre of Fear) demo. In a short while Igor Kharabet - one of the founders and the key member of DR. FAUST - quits the band. He is replaced by Igor Sokur (bass) and Alexander "Bull" Parshenkov. Musical abilities of the latter result in dramatic changes in the musical style of DR. FAUST. New material is nothing but grind/death metal! Following the series of successful shows the band is invited to the first Moscow Death Rider Fest. During the same period DR. FAUST record another demo titled "Pathological Anatomy of Black Melancholy". Meanwhile Igor Sokur (bass) decides to depart from the band. His departure is followed by the years of hardships and line-up changes resulting in stagnancy. Only in 2000 DR. FAUST become active again and commence the recording of their new album. In the meantime Marek (bass) and Art.Flash (guitars, also THERM.EYE.FLAME) join the band. The recording of "Bad Time, Bad Place" (full-length) is finished in April 2001. The album is submitted to Agen Price - the head of Metal Agen label. In May of 2002 DR. FAUST participate in METALAGEN FEST in Moscow. The same year "Bad Time, Bad Place" is released by Soyuz records and both Marek and Art.Flash quit the band. They are replaced by Sergey Seliverstov (bass, also DEAD POINT) and Crowbird (guitars, also HATER). In a very short time the musicians compose new material, however Mad Bull (vocals) decides to depart from the band when the work is in full swing. He is replaced by Virus_Red. Between 2004 and 2005 this line-up records "Perverted Obscenity" - a full-length album released by Soyuz records. In 2007 Crowbird quits the band. Meanwhile DR. FAUST play a series of live shows and festivals. In 2013 the decision is made to focus on composing new material. "Resurrection Furious" (full-length) is released in 2015. In August 2018 the musicians play a show dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the band. At the same time DR. FAUST keep on working on their new album. Several record sessions result in the newest release of the band - "The Ideal World" (full-length). This is the first album of the band with David Zhelezny on vocals.


  • Demo "Metallicheskii ad" 1990
  • Demo "Phantom Of Fear" 1991
  • Demo "Pathologial Anatomy If The Black Melancholy" 1992
  • LP "Intoxication" 1994
  • LP "Bad Time, Bad Place" 2001, Metal Agen/ Soyuz Records
  • LP "Interactive Deformation" 2002
  • LP "Perverted Obscenity" 2007, Metal Agen/ Soyuz Records
  • LP "Old Wounds - New Scars" 2010
  • LP "Resurrection Furious" 2015, Fono
  • LP "?he Ideal World" More Hate Productions

Line up:

  • David Zheleznyi Ц vocals;
  • Aleks Bardysh Ц guitars;
  • Sergei Seliverstov Ц bass;
  • Ruslan Dreichuk - drums.

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