AMMONIUM is a Russian death metal band formed back in spring 2011 in industrial city of Izhevsk, the Udmurt Republic, by Aleksandr Proskuryakov (drums) and Evgeny Potapov (guitar, vocals). The band plays old-school Swedish death metal in the vein of Evocation, Grave, Dismember, Demonical, Bloodbath, Hypocrisy. In February of 2012 the debut EP of AMMONIUM titled Revolution Day is released by a local label First Born Chaos. In March 2013 with Daniil Chepkasov (bass) and Artem Fomin (lead guitar) in the line-up the band commences the recording of the second album at Starlight studio (Izhevsk). Strong will to succeed is rewarded in November 2013 when the recording is finished. "The End of Humanity", mixed and mastered by Aleksandr Borovykh (Tsun Tsun production, Chelyabinsk, Russia), is released in early 2015. The album is well received both in Russia and abroad. In the end of summer 2016 AMMONIUM re-enter Starlignt studio to record drums for the next album. In autumn of 2016 the all-Russian compilation "Faces of Death" featuring a song of AMMONIUM ("Last Generation") is released. In April 2018 the new album titled "Act of War" is finished. The album features guest appearances from Carl Stjärnlöv (Diabolical) and Roger Rogga Johansson (Paganizer).This time the album is mixed and mastered by the experts from White Box studio, Arkhangelsk, Russia. Meanwhile Evgeny Potapov decides to focus on vocals and Roman Stazaev (guitar) joins the band. This line-up records "Biomechanical God" EP released on digital platforms in 2021. In 2022 first Daniil Chepkasov (guitar), then Dmitry Shikalov (bass) quit AMMONIUM. In spring of the same year the band is joined by Jeff (bass). Despite everything, the musicians record some of the new material and send it to Alexander Mikhailov (Ti Studio) for mixing. In spring of 2023 Daniil reunites with the band, records guitar solos for almost all songs of the new album and plays 2 shows. Unfortunately, on July 16, 2023 on his way home Daniil Chepkasov dies in a motorcycle accident. The remaining band members decide to finish the album in his memory! The band remains active playing more shows than ever and composing new material.AMMONIUM have played numerous shows sharing stage with such foreign monsters like Demonical, Spasmodic and Degradead and Russian Katalepsy and Cephalic Impurity. At the moment the band remains active both in terms of live performances and composing of new material.

Line up:

  • Proskuryakov Alexander - drums, back vocals;
  • Potapov Eugene - vocals;
  • Chepkasov Daniil - guitars;
  • Stazaev Roman - guitars;
  • Jeff - bass.

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